Watch Your "Back"

Many times when we are involved in something be it for church, school, work or even a hobby we may have, we are surrounded by people who are in support of what we are doing.  We often hear, "I've got your back", and keep it moving feeling as if nothing and no one can harm us.  That even if someone tried, those who "have" our backs, will defend us and keep anyone who wants to cause harm or stop the progression of God in our lives, away from us.  We feel confident in that, and most times don't even bat an eye.

But friends, we have to be in constant prayer as to who has our backs.  What do I mean by that? Well not everyone who says they HAVE your back should be AT your back.  Let me break it down even further.  If the person watching your back is trying to manipulate your circle, you need to change those or the one who is "backing" you.  Not everyone who says they have our backs, have our backs. Some are watching our backs only to gain entry into who we really are.  Some are watching our backs to see who enters our lives and why they entered and yet others are watching our backs to stop or control what you are doing.  Some are watching our backs to see who is backing US up!  In other words, wondering where our HELP is coming from.

Not everyone who is at your back, has your back...get it, good.  We often wonder why some things happen in the midst of what God is calling us to do.  We often wonder why that great job interview produced nothing...who was back there?  We often wonder why our friendships have faded and we often wonder why our associations have suddenly vanished...who was back there?  It is because that person AT your back, has stabbed you IN your back.  Be careful and be cautious as to who you let inside of your circle.  You are valued and what you bring to the table even more valuable so guard it..with your life.

You were created to do great things and whether it is to be the best garbage collector or the greatest singer or songwriter...the greatest playwright or producer or even the greatest were created to do it so take care of it and those you let inside to see you taking care of it.  When you are gifted, many will come asking for your help and assistance in what they are trying to do but it is not always because of your talents they are asking...some are asking to take away from what God gave so that they too can experience the greatness you have.

They come to steal, kill and destroy what you were gifted with.  Don't be fooled by everyone who says they are backing you...some are backing up to you to get "loaded."  Just like a moving truck that backs up to your place to get loaded with your valuables...they are backing up to you to get YOUR valuables.  Watch your back of those who smile in your face yet have no good intentions.  Watch your back of those who try to kill your kind spirit.  Watch your back of those who take advantage of your willingness to help them achieve their goals only to crush yours.

Watch your "back!"


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