Mobile Motivation

After each new year begins, many of us are motivated to do better.  We want to lose weight and we want to get that promotion and we want to start that business.  We want to be better spouses and better moms and dads...better friends.  But do we have what it takes to make motivation work?  What do I mean by that?  Is your motivation mobile.  In other words...IS IT MOVING?

We live in a mobile society where we carry mobile phones and each app we use has a mobile part to it and we are so on the move, everything we do and touch has to be mobile.  But are  Are you motivated enough to move that motivation to lose weight?  Are you motivated enough to make the necessary changes on your job so that you will be up for that promotion?  Are you motivated enough to make changes in your relationships that will make it better because YOU are better.  IS YOUR MOTIVATION  MOBILE...IS IT MOVING ALONG WITH YOU?  The answer to that question for most of us is no.

We are only motivated when money is involved or there is something in it for us that does not require sweat, hard work or tears.  We are only motivated when the input is easy and the outcome is definate.  We are only motivated when we are sure of a positive return on our investment.  Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Make your motivation mobile so that it travels with you while you are working and running your errands during the day.  Make your motivation mobile so that when you think of reacting the same old way to your spouse you think...I am motivated to do better and to react better.  Take your motivation with you so that when there is extra work to be done on your job and no one else takes the initiative to do it, you think...I am motivated to be a better worker and get the job done no matter what.

Be mobile in your motivation because if only your mouth is running and your actions are remaining still, your motivation is not mobile, rather stationary.  Today it takes more than mere words to be motivated to do something.  It takes action.  As a director, when my actors are ready to do their scene, they take their places, and look at me waiting on me to say "action" which in turns motivates them to act, to move, to do, to be.  Let's be motivated people and be mobile in that motivation so that the positive changes we are wanting to take place in our lives..IS!


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