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Surrender or Sacrifice

So here we are again..another unarmed suspect shooting...what has been done since the last shooting? Protests, marches, churches having meetings...police officers having wide meetings...and we are STILL HERE WITH THIS? Something is not connecting and I believe it is the armed officers who feel they have nothing to lose.  I believe it is the officers who took the oath of office only to shoot and kill.  I believe it is those officers who are out to get every black boy/man in America because of their hidden hate of them.  YES THAT IS WHAT I BELIEVE. GET YOUR HANDS UP!

Let me be clear.  Not every police officer is hating on race.  Not every police officer is out to shoot and kill unarmed suspects.  Not every police office takes their oath of office lightly.  BUT THERE ARE SOME WHO DO.  Can't you tell?  Haven't you seen the news as of late.  Haven't you seen the tears flowing from mothers and families of these victims.  Haven't you heard the cries for justice and equality?  HAVEN'T YOU?  If you have not, I encourage you to turn away from your phones, your computers and your video games, and turn on your television sets.  It's there, right in front of you.  You can hear their pain, see their disgust and feel their anger. GET YOUR HANDS UP!

What are we really doing?  Are we really trying to make a change, put these officers on blast..take away their pay and arrest them?  Or are we giving them a slap on the hand telling them "you will be on paid administrative leave until this blows over."  What blew over?  This shooting of unarmed suspects, and in some cases not even a suspect, is getting way out of hand.  Did it blow over?  No it just got placed under a rug until the next shooting and then we revisit the "let's take a closer look at these officers" statement. GET YOUR HANDS UP!

As a black woman, and mother of a young black son, I am outraged!  I cannot sit idly by and watch other black mothers cry and weep and tear at the clothing of their sons because they are dead.  I have to speak out and here is where I will do it.  We need to do something more constructive with these out of control officers of the law.  In fact, I say of the law very loosely.  What law are they abiding by?  Who are they accountable to?  Who is taking inventory of these horrible acts and doing something about it? Who will have the balls to put these officers in jail??? They are murderers in fact! GET YOUR HANDS UP!


"Son/Sir, I need you to step out of the car with your hands up.  Now sir, and put your hands where I can see them.  Now walk over to the sidewalk very slowly, keep those hands up!  Ok now tell me what you are doing out here at this time of night/at this school in the parking lot/in this neighborhood?"

 "Officer I am leaving my job heading home but was hungry and wanted something to eat."  Sir, I am here waiting on my son to get out of school."  "Officer, I live in this neighborhood."

"I will ask you one more time, and keep those hands up, what you are doing here and son/sir, I want the truth!" (as the safety is taken off of the gun)

"Officer I am telling you the truth, that is why I am here please believe me officer, please, I don't want any trouble.  I can prove to you I live here/my son attends this school/here is my phone/my ID...

GUN SHOTS ARE HEARD!!!!!!!!! "Yes this is officer _____ and I am reporting a shooting at the corner of anywhere and nowhere.  The suspect is a young black man in his 20s and he was threatening and I believe he had a gun.  He walked towards us and I shot him."



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