The Greatest Gift...of All.

It has been a while since my last post because of marketing my new web series, but it is time for me to address something that I think a lot of us ignore.

Christmas is the time of year many of us are thankful for many things including family, friends, and for some our unyielding faith in an almighty and merciful God.  But for some, this time of year does not bring presents, or joy or even fellowship; it brings sorrow, pain and depression.  You see, everyone around you may be joyful and full of life, but there are those who wish that this time of year would pass without even a blink...that no one would feel happiness and joy...that gift giving would cease so that they may crawl back into their corner of despair and uncertainty and not deal with the pressures of life.

These people exist and most times, right under our noses.  Not everyone who smiles, is happy just like not everyone who cries, is sad.  There are people who smile just to keep from keep you, their family and friends and co-workers from seeing their pain..these people need us..they need more from us than the usual, "I will keep you in my prayers," or the "if you need me, call me."  These people need us to be actively involved in their go by and call and cook a meal or clean their home...they

In a world that for now, is so full of hate and discord, we, the light of the world, we Christians, need to bring light to those who live in constant darkness.  Whether that darkness is from the loss of a loved one or from the loss of a job or relationship...we need to bring light to them so that they may see that life, though hard at times, can bring them a smile.  That while they are grieving or feeling desperate, there are those who truly care and want to be there physically for them.  I know that at times, they may want to be alone and for the most part this is ok, but it is not ok for them to "stay" alone.

People can get to a place in their despair that they wallow in self pity and desperation and sorrow and that state of mind can cause physical and mental damage if not stopped so let us all, this Christmas season, be that light at the end of their tunnel.  There is an appropriate time for them to grieve and to cry, but when that time has passed, let them find us there waiting to listen, to help, to care.  This, my friends, can be to some, the greatest gift of all.  And isn't this what Jesus came to teach us?

Merry Christmas friends.  May the peace of God and the joy of this season, be in your hearts, minds and spirits!


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