A Matter of the Heart

Here we go again with senseless murders.  While all lives do matter it seems that for some individuals, they mean absolutely..nothing.  I mean how else are you able to go into a church and kill 9 innocent persons...persons whom you sat with...persons you knew nothing about?  And those shot in the movie theater...what about their lives.  Did it matter that they were there minding their own business, trying to enjoy the movie like we all do from time to time?  Did it matter that they had families to go home to and jobs to show up for?  Though most of them survived, if only one was killed...it is senseless.

Yet it seems that to some, our lives mean...nothing.  I believe in my heart that it is not because our lives mean nothing...it is that their life holds little meaning.  Listen to me for a minute.  If a person valued their own life, why would they take valued lives of other strangers...away? If they felt important and that they mattered to someone, would they kill other important lives?  If they truly loved themselves and those around them, would they take loved ones away from others?  I go out on a limb to say...no.

You see, everything starts in the heart and when we get right to the heart of the matter...if our heart is cold and empty and full of hate, jealousy, malice and envy...why in the world would we want to keep living, keep existing, keep moving?  The bible declares that out of the abundance of the heart...the mouth speaks.  I go a little further to say that what is inside of us will soon manifest itself on the outside of us.  With all of these senseless crimes, it seems that hatred has already manifested itself outside for if it had not, these shootings and killings would not happen.  Am I right?

With all of us, we need to look deep inside of our hearts to see what is really there.  Do we really love ourselves?  Do we feel like we are loved and appreciated and that we are important to...anyone?  Are we being valued?  Do we feel needed and do we feel like we have sometihng positive to offer to life and those around us?  If your answer to any of these questions is no, take the time out to seek help or advice.  Find out what you need to do to stop these empty feelings.  Deal with the pain, the disappointment and hurt.  Because if you don't, that very pain will deal with you...in a negative way.

We must get to the heart of the matter before the "matter" get to the heart.  Take inventory of yourself.  I wish that others had done the same.  If they had, many of what we see on television...killings...shootings...would not happen.  If you are full of pain, there is no way you can have joy for your fellow man.  No way you can rightly celebrate their happiness.  It would be very difficult to smile with all of the darkness inside of you.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by any of these senseless crimes...and my heart also goes out..to you...


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