Random Thoughts of Spring...

Spring is just around the corner and I am ready for warmer temperatures, spring flowers, green lawns and longer days...aren't you?  I am ready for picnics and parties out on the lawn.  I am even ready for barbeques and pig pickins....I am ready for long walks in the park and meditation by a river or brook..just ready to get outside and let the warm sunshine in.  What does spring hold for you?  Do you involve yourself in spring cleaning...you know getting rid of those outfits you no longer wear and updating your wardrobe?  Or maybe you are one who cleans out the garage and attic so that you can place more things there...maybe you are one who gets rid of old coats and furniture and donates them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army...whatever you do...do it with joy in your heart.

Spring is not the time to be down or sad or low...it is the time to get moving..get started..to be motivated to plant that garden or that crop.  It's a time to lift up those windows and let some warm breezes in...a time to clean out those cluttered closets and in some cases...those cluttered minds.  Jump into the season as we all had to jump our clocks up...and do something special.  If all you do is paint those toes or get a massage...cut your hair or join a gym...do it.  I enjoy sitting by lakes and meditating..writing...thinking...I am sure you will too. 

There will be so much time to get out an enjoy the day..take full advantage of it.  Don't get caught sitting in the house looking out the window...or listening to someone who has just made reservations for their vacation...or yet even someone who has purchased a new home or cleaned up an old one...don't get caught wishing you had done something this season...if all you do is read on your front porch...or visit someone whom you have not seen in a while...if all you do is cook a meal for friends or invite them over for high tea...at least you are doing and not just existing.  Don't let your feeling of inadequacy or "I'm not good enough" stop you from enjoying this season and get this...just because you may not be in a relationship right now...does not mean you cannot enjoy everything spring has to offer.  So...get out...get moving...get motivated...spring into that next job...that next book...that next house...spring to that shopping center or that hair salon...that next relationship or that next friendship and enjoy spring.  I know I will!


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