How We Care...Less

It is only 14 days into the new year and already we hear of massacres in Africa and in France.  We hear of the Italian Ferry's accident right before the end of the year that claimed the lives of 10 and lost lives on an AirAsia airplane that has fallen from the sky...already we hear of smoke that literally makes it hard for passengers on the Yellow Line Metro Train to dead and over 80 hospitalized..already there are terrorist threats...already fear has convered the land and we, it seems, could care less.  What we see before our very eyes is a nation that has lost it's sensitive side...a nation that can look the other way when lives are lost.  What happened in France, horrible.  What happened in Nigeria...horrific yet...our nation, instead of mourning the loss of these innocent lives...looks the other way.

Yes there are those who rally and those who march for justice and rights.  There are even those who reach out to do their part when they can to provide any sense of aid or support that enough?  Is it enough that the families of these who have been killed because of a plane crash, or murdered at work or even suffocated due to smoke are left with the question why?  Is it enough to look young children in the eyes and say, "I'm sorry but your mother or your father has been killed."  Is it enough to look at news reports, shake our heads and then go about our business without even wondering how we can help.  Is it enough to tell a husband his wife is never coming home or to tell a sister her brother is still lost at sea or even a wife who is with child that her husband is yet to be found? Well...IS IT!!!???

Our nation, our community, we have lost touch with what reality really is.  We see it, hear it, smell it, feel it and at times can even taste it but we still act as if nothing...has if lives have not been changed forever as if someone's reality did not just gave them dose of mortality.  That life, as we know it short!  It isn't happening to us so we could care...less.  It didn't affect our family circle.  It didn't make our jobs harder.  All of our needs are met and then some and yet...we fail to see what these incidents have done to so many people...families.  We live comfortably in our plush homes sitting in our easy chairs watching netflix and BluRay and messing with our iphones not even blinking when we hear...the news. I hear "favor ain't fair"...but let me say this, "tragedy isn't either."

Well friends, if we would just take a moment to bow our heads in prayer when something like this happens...if we would just say a prayer for an affected man, woman, boy or girl.  If we would think about how this tragedy will change forever someone's commute, family, way of life...we would show that we care.  We can't always be there...can't always supply someone's need...can't always reach out and touch those in turmoil but we can..pray.  We can pray that God will send laborers in the field.  Where we are limited, God is unlimited and infinate and omnipresent.  But I ask if you are in a place where you can help, assist, provide a need that you do and you do it with a heart of love.  Even if our nation shows that it could care less...we as Christians should without a shadow of a doubt show just how much we! There is an old song that goes, "and they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they'll know we are!  Need I say more?


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