Choose Ye This Day....Who?

Wtih all of the election debates, commercials, public statements, interviews and campaining, it is no wonder we are all confused.  This candidate believes in this and that candidate believes in that.  He said this and she said that.  He did this and she did that.  WHAT? If you are anything like me, you are ready for this circus to be over.  Yes circus.  I am almost 50 years old and have seen many election campaigns and I must say this is by far the worse.

A Democrat by party, I was not sure going into this election who I would vote for and now, even more confused as to why I should vote if all we have are these two candidates.  I will say that of course Hillary Clinton would have to be my choice if I did vote for a President because who would want a ranting and raving, full of himself, temperamental candidate such as Donald Trump in office?  Sadly to say, many would.  But I have to be more informed than this.  After watching two Presidential Debates, I am convinced that Hillary would be my BEST choice.  I need a President who knows how congress works and who has been with the troops and heard briefings and met with some of the worlds most powerful leaders.  Someone who is level headed and sound in his/her reasonings.

No Hillary is not without fault...she could have handled the email scandal better and been more transparent but it seems that lately, those who have read those emails say..there is nothing in there.  Was she wrong for deleting them...yes.  Will that make a difference in my vote for  As Americans we are all faced with a great dilema.  Who would make the better President?  Who will have my best interest at heart and the best interest of our country?  Who will fight for women's rights and the equal rights of all Americans?  Who will listen with reason and not make a decision based on how they are FEELING at the moment?

Who you choose for President is of course your business and your choice. Who I choose is too but as an American please be well informed of each candidate.  Where they stand on foreign policy and domestic policy.  What they believe in terms of the rights of each minority group.  What do they believe is grounds for declaring war and when they believe our troops should go step in and when they should not.  What about their views on healthcare and social security?  Who's concedrned about the education and welfare of our children? Who will adjust the tax code?  Are they coming in with their personal agenda to benefit themselves and others like them or are they concerned with each class of individuals be it lower, middle or upper?

Ask yourself these important questions.  Decide who you think will be best and VOTE.  Let your voice be heard because if you don't others will give you their voice!


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